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Map Reset

[Admin] JeefTheChief a posted Fri at 21:19

Hey all!

As you’ve probably heard, we’re going to do a map reset on SLMC. This will give us all an opportunity to start fresh. We’re aiming to be on the new map on Friday, April 25, 2014.

The new map will be using Towny instead of Clans. However, we will still do weekly events in a "clan wars”-esque fashion. The new map will be using custom generated terrain and will be about the same size as the current one.
Tinqer I've missed you, Towny. Also hey guys. Nice to see ya.
jocdudney towny
TimTaylor Have a look at the Google docs 'SLMC's Future' suggestions that i submitted to see everything i want the server to becom ...
I encourage you all to vote at the form
to help us see what direction you guys want the server to take.
Be there or be Square!
tyedyeguy Did i miss it?!?!? D; if i did
The crashing is fixed
The crashing is fixed
The crashing is fixed
The crashing is fixed
The crashing is fixed

Scheduled restarts are turned off, too.

Things should be back in full swing shortly!

TimTaylor Maybe The new clan on the block, Panem_Rebels, can take the title...
saltoneo3366 Antelope, that just mad my day ;.)
JAY51100 I think Silence can retake the title this time around.
To get y'all pumped, here's a preview of what you can expect for terrain... [link]
Guys! join the Shadowlands Steam Group! search 'Shadowlands Group' in steam and add me to join! (i will make mods and admins on the MC server a mod/admin in the steam group
I wonder what seed the new world will be?
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