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Since it's way too much information to post here,


DerpDolphinn What version is it because everytime i try and join it just says not compatible with 1.8 so is it actually released
FlameBacon Do you feel it? There has been an awakening.
ShockWolf25 I AM READY
You've all seen that the server hasn't been up for the past week or so. I'm here to shine some light on that.

Basically, our hosting company is having some issues and is currently working to resolve them. It should be up within the next few days.

I'll keep you all posted


Server should be up and running now.
TerraformerX it says imnot whitelisted ...

Moderator pls

[Admin] JeefTheChief a posted May 18, 14
Congratulations to Deice8765 for being promoted to the rank of Moderator.

It wasn't an easy decision to make this time, but we feel like Deice8765 will do a great job as moderator.

Welcome to the crew, Deice8765.

Don't forget you're here forever. 
justvippy Grats Rose!
Sullivanian 'lil sulli junior.
The Time has Come!

Since DarqFox has been promoted to the wonderful title of Admin, the time has come
once again to run the Application Process for a Moderator Position on


It's not that simple, young Survivalist! There's Some Simple Steps to having your Application Considered!


To send in YOUR Application for an SLMC Moderator Position, send in the Following Form to Me through Private Message, or Skype at KodyMcQ.
IGN: Your Minecraft Username.
How Long You have Played on SLMC: An approximate guess on your starting Month.
Age: How old are you?
Time Zone/Location: Just to know when you'd be on.
Weekly Playtime in Hours: How Active are You? Approximate is Fine.
Past Experiences with Moderator/Admin: Another safe-knowledge question.
Have you been Banned from any Minecraft Servers Before? Why? A safe thing to know.
Skype: Skype is incredibly important for Communication between Staff. If you have Skype, tell us your Username.
Why should we Promote you? Give us your honest opinion on why you're applying for Moderator.
Name 10 Uses for a Pencil. This is incredibly important.
That's it!
Copy and Paste the Application Form to however you are sending it to Me, and I will let you know once it's relayed to the rest of the Staff Team!
Good luck to All!


During Application Week, Staff has absolutely no Bias.
Donators and Regulars are Equal.
Bans are regarded and considered, but they're a very small
part of the decision process.
We look at the kind of person you are, as becoming a Moderator
means to be taking on a lot of responsibility that you
previously didn't even know existed.
JAY51100 I don't really hate lwong anymore, it's more of just me screwing around with him now
FlameBacon Lwong1: Owner The_Pie: Head admin Members of Malon and Yummy: admins and mods Everyone else: Slaves
DarkThunder2 *Lwong1 comes on* "Hey guys, no bias? I'll apply!" (3 days later) "Hey Jay, how's that despising me thing ...
But yeah, the SLMC group skype call is huge if anyone has a craving to join
Eh, a little bit more than hope.
So seyd that this literally has died, the server is dead, forums ded, all we can have is hope
No clue if clans will be back, but do not fret about the server's return.
Can't we even have the server up anymore...? Also i really wish clans were back :/
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