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ChimiChonga What version is it because everytime i try and join it just says not compatible with 1.8 so is it actually released
FlameBacon Do you feel it? There has been an awakening.
ShockWolf25 I AM READY

That's right Folks, she's coming soon! SLMC 1.8 will have a few fancy features, like:
 Survival+ (Toned down Resources, harder mobs.)
 A really snazzy spawn
Lotsa upcoming Minigames
Lots of fun
Complete freedom!

It's only a short while until you guys can come play too, and I can't wait ;D

cmbrockman It's alive!!!!!
Hey Kids! Welcome to a new thing that's happening in the world of our Server.
It's called the SLMC Social Experiment, and it's basis is this:

"How challenging is it for Society to be created in a state of pure Anarchy?"

With this in mind, let me explain some of the stuff going on with this new server.
  • DAY/NIGHT CYCLE: The Day/Night Cycle has been adjusted. This is planned for ShadowlandsMC 1.8, in which the time it takes for Day and Night to cycle between themselves is a lot longer. The current time for the Cycle is approximately 30 Minutes.
  • TERRAIN GENERATION: The SLMC 1.8 terrain Generation uses the new Custom Terrain Generator. The terrain is designed so that Biomes are a lot bigger, and hills a lot smoother, to imitate the Real World. THIS is an example of this generation at work. As well as the above ground features, there's also a lot of underground features at work.
  • THE UNDERGROUND: Below-ground Generation is very different as well, the Stone is now Layered. The Top Layer is regular old Stone, like you would expect. But as you get deeper, you encounter layers of Andesite, Diorite, and then finally, Granite down to bedrock. AND THEN, Resources have also been adjusted. There's more of a balance towards what SLMneeds, using experience as a base. Coal is not really changed, but Iron and Diamonds are very rare. Gold is near impossible to find, meaning the economy on Shadowlands will be stimulated solely by the players.
  • SHADOWLANDS 1.8:  This will be coming soon, following the release of a Server Wrapper such as Bukkit to be able to support plugins again. For now, this is going to be where I am going to be Administrating.

And that's all you've got to really know about 
The Social Experiment, and ShadowlandsMC 1.8!

We hope any newcomers don't base their opinions on Shadowlands as a Community solely by this server, as it is a state of Pure Anarchy and a test of these new features,
and Minecraft's Community.

Note - Kill Data and Death Data is being tracked. I'll post an actual documentation based on nightly data collection and final result collection in a month's time.
cmbrockman Hey folks, it's your buddy ol pale cm, I'd love to record this next season if it's alright with y'all, I've made my fina ...
cheesecake771 If anyone remembers me....
cheesecake771 Guys I'm going to start playing on this server again!
You've all seen that the server hasn't been up for the past week or so. I'm here to shine some light on that.

Basically, our hosting company is having some issues and is currently working to resolve them. It should be up within the next few days.

I'll keep you all posted


Server should be up and running now.
TerraformerX it says imnot whitelisted ...
Just to get y'all a little pumped about what to expect in Lemuria...
Which is planned to be released late June!

timsvids851 i cant conect to wtf
HennaD When will the server be back up?? ...
Deice8765 Can't wait for it! Gotta say its always a joy watching the squids spaz out lol
It's more shadowy I like it
looks sick kody
hello all :sick:
Lookin' good.
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